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May 03, 2016
Never Miss Another Big Moment
How many times have you tried to capture that first goal, first catch, or first swing only to get unrecognizable blurry blobs instead? Adorable blobs, but nonetheless not what you wanted! Sports and action shots are some of the most difficult shots to get. Make it easier on yourself by following some simple tips. After all, you’ll want to catch many more memorable moments as your child plays.

Digital Sports Photography Tips For The Best Picture
(Adapted from PracticalPhotographyTips.com)

1. Anticipate the action...The more you understand about the sport the better able you will be to anticipate the action. This will help you not only find the best vantage point to shoot from but also can help you be pre-focused on a player or a point on the court or field.

2. Get the money shots...Try to take photos when and where you know the action will 
take place. In flag football that may mean the end zone while in baseball it may be home plate. Don’t forget practices which may provide opportunities to get a picture of a player without as many distractions in the background. 

3. Look for unusual angles...Experiment with different angles and viewpoints. Look for those overlooked photo opportunities. Capture the emotions of the game and more than just the on field action. Take photos of the fan’s reactions, the referees as they make a call, the coaches and players on the sidelines. 

4. Take advantage of the light...Change your location as the light changes. Know how 
different light conditions will affect your photos and adjust for them.

5. Use a fast shutter speed...For most sports such as flag football, soccer, baseball, 
basketball, etc. you need a shutter speed of at least 1/250th of a second and even at 
that you could easily have some motion blur. Remember the faster the shutter speed the better. Having a shutter speed of 1/500 or 1/1000 of a second or faster is ideal. 

6. Use the lowest ISO speed you can and still keep your shutter speed at or above the minimum level needed to stop the action.

7. Have your camera set to continuous focus mode so that you can track your subjects and be prepared to capture the action.

8. Hold your camera steady…It is important to avoid any camera shake when zoomed in on a subject. Monopods are great for sports photography because they help you hold the camera steady while providing more range of motion and versatility than a tripod allows.

Using these tips can help you to capture those cherished moments.  Once you have that great shot, why not bring them to life! Canvas prints make create conversation pieces in your home as well as gifts for special occasions. (Hint: Mother’s Day & Father Day) 

We’ve teamed up with Canvas People who is offering i9 Sports customers an 16x20 canvas for $29.99 plus free shipping. Simply click here to print your favorites. Happy picture taking!
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