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December 29, 2016
Leaving the Coaching to the Coaches
The fast-paced environment of sports and the excitement that surrounds each game can make it challenging for parents to sit back and refrain from coaching their children from the sidelines.  We’ve all seen the parents who want to tell their child how to play the game, but this can be confusing for kids sometimes. A positive attitude from parents on the sideline creates a positive environment for children and gives them a fun experience. Here are three reasons to keep cheering separate from coaching when supporting your kids on the field.
#1 It Causes Confusion
When parents offer coaching advice from the sidelines, it may be the opposite of what the coach wants from the player. These mixed messages can confuse and frustrate kids. Who should they listen to and when should they listen to you or to their coach? This can be challenging for a young child playing their first sport.
#2 Instructions Can Be Wrong
Coaches in i9 Sports leagues are provided with coaching and practice plans to ensure proper instruction for each child in every sport. Our coaches volunteer their time to teach the skills of the game as well as good sportsmanship and teamwork. Parents attempting to coach from the sidelines may send incorrect instructions and hinder their child’s development.
#3 It’s Not Fun for the Kids
Sideline instruction from parents often comes with good intentions, but it can create an unpleasant environment for young athletes. Kids grow tired and frustrated trying to satisfy their coaches and their parents at the same time, especially if the messages from each person are different. Our goal in every sport we offer is to make sure the kids are having fun and learning so they continue to live healthy active lifestyles and use the skills they acquire to help them later in life.  
It can be difficult to find the perfect medium between being a cheerleader for your child and being a sideline coach, but it can make all the difference in their experience with a youth sports program.  By being more of a cheerleader, your child will won’t be confused on which instructions to follow, will learn the right way to play the sport and (most importantly) will have more fun.
To help promote a great i9 Sports atmosphere for everyone, we ask parents to take the i9 Sports Parental Pledge.  We ask adults to take this pledge before their child plays in an i9 Sports league to promote a positive atmosphere and make sure the children have the best experience possible. 
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