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December 08, 2016
Myths about Playing Youth Sports
There are all sorts of activities offered for children today - art programs, music lessons, dance classes, science camps and more. With so many options to choose from, fitting youth sports into your kid’s schedule can be tough.
In addition, if you didn’t play sports yourself growing up (and maybe even if you did), it’s hard to know what’s true and what isn’t about the world of youth sports. We’re here to help dispel some of the common myths we hear from parents about signing up their children for a youth sports league.

Children Should Specialize in One Sport
Forcing your child to choose one sport at an early age can result in physical and mental burn out. Kids need the break between seasons to pursue other sports or activities to find what is truly enjoyable for them. Early specialization can often lead to a greater chance of long-term injury later in life.
Many parents will put their children in one sport to focus in hopes that it can lead to other future opportunities like a college scholarship.  This can put a lot of pressure on kids and can lead them to view playing sports as a chore.
Our leagues offer your child the perfect opportunity to find the right sport for them. Many of our programs offer our core sports in every season. Kids with multi-sport backgrounds often have better overall athletic ability and decreased injury rates.
Sports are Too Dangerous for Kids
Can a child get hurt playing a youth sport? Of course it’s possible, but we take precautions at i9 Sports to focus on player safety. To participate in i9 Sports leagues, children are required to wear all proper equipment.  Items such as mouth guards in flag football, shin guards in soccer and helmets in baseball are always required. 
i9 Sports is a national leader in raising awareness about safety in youth sports, particularly concussion safety. Our coaches and referees are trained to teach players the proper and safe way to play each sport to reduce the risk of player injuries. Our flag football leagues offer kids an alternative to tackle football and we our soccer leagues do not allow heading to help reduce the risk of concussions among players. We also provide concussion safety information to parents as part of our registration process.
Winning is All That Matters
At i9 Sports, we focus on healthy competition instead of a win-at-all-costs mentality. Youth sports are meant to be fun, no matter the score at the end of the game. Each coach in our leagues is trained to help players develop athletic skills, learn the values of good sportsmanship and boost their self-esteem. 
We believe the primary reason kids play sports is to have fun. Each child in our leagues gets equal playing time regardless of talent level and there are never any tryouts or player drafts. Kids will value the benefits of mastering a new skill or developing new friendships more than their team’s place in the standings.
Youth Sports Consume Your Life
Some youth sports leagues ask a lot of players and parents, but we believe participation should be convenient for a family’s busy schedule. Registration for our leagues can be completed quickly and easily online. Practices are held once a week on game day at the same location as that day’s game. And unlike other leagues, you’ll never have to participate in a mandatory fundraiser or sign up for concession duties.
Get your child started in youth sports and find a program near you!

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