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January 12, 2017
Great Sports Books For Kids
Learning through sports can come from beyond the field of play. A number of great sports books are out there that teach key values for your kids. For kids who don’t like reading, books by a famous athlete or about a sport they love can help inspire them to keep turning the pages. 
Below are a few sports-related books that cover all reading levels and offer positive stories for your child. 

The Contract by Derek Jeter
Written for a reading level of grades 3 to 7, The Contract by Derek Jeter talks about his love for the game of baseball and his realization of the importance of giving 100% on and off the field.  In order to let Derek continue playing baseball, his parents write a contract to make sure he puts in just as much hard work in the classroom as he does on the baseball field.
Throw Like a Girl by Jennie Finch
Jennie Finch, a professional softball player and two-time Olympian, writes her first book that reaches out to young girls.  Throw Like a Girl, targeted to ages 10 and older, teaches girls how to dream big and believe in themselves.  
It’s a great sports-related coming-of-age book that offers valuable advice for young girls.  Finch tells her story of growing up as a girl playing sports and how she built self-confidence that helped her throughout challenges she faced.
The Boy Who Never Gave Up by Anthony Curcio
Two-time NBA Most Valuable Player Stephen Curry’s inspirational story is told in a 24-page picture book written for kids in grades K-5. Curry’s experience as a young boy who is constantly told he is too short and too small to play basketball who pushes to fulfill his dream to be a professional basketball player will inspire your child. The Boy Who Never Gave Up is a great human triumph story that teaches the valuable lessons of hard work and determination.  Children will also like the easy read and fun illustrations.
Winners Never Quit by Mia Hamm
Women’s soccer star Mia Hamm shares her life story of growing up and learning that winning and losing aren’t everything.  In the story Winners Never Quit, Hamm quits when things aren’t going her way, but quickly realizes that winning isn’t what matters most and that she just wants to play and be a part of a team with her friends. This 32-page picture book targeted to boys and girls in preschool to 2nd grade teaches important values of overcoming frustration and teamwork.
All four books offer a different perspective from some of the nation’s most famous athletes.  These inspiring stories will offer your kids relatable experiences to their own lives. Do your kids have any other favorite sports books? Share them with us on social media
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