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March 08, 2018
The Benefits of Practice and Play in the Same Day

One of the many things that makes i9 Sports youth leagues unique is our concept of practice and play in the same day. We schedule practice immediately before the game so that the team only meets once a week. Scheduling practice and play in the same day helps kids to build strong bonds with their teammates, allows kids to immediately apply the new skills they’ve learned and is convenient for the busy schedules of parents and players.

Team Building
When kids have the opportunity to practice together as a team immediately before the game it helps them to form stronger bonds with their teammates. As the players work through the fundamentals together in practice they become more comfortable working with one another and they are able to carry the connection they’ve built during practice into the game. Coach and parent Brad Gilchrist states, “pre-game practice time is great for the players to establish teamwork relationships with one another and incorporates the opportunity to teach, develop and foster good teamwork and respect.”  During pre-game practice, coaches are able to provide players and parents with regular positive feedback and also remind the players of the importance of their contribution to the team as a whole.

Instant Application of New Skills
With game time immediately following
practice, kids are able to instantly put into action the skills and values their coaches just taught them. Dixie Hazelbaker, Program Director, states that players are given “the opportunity to apply what they learned during practice while it is still fresh in their minds.”  This helps to reinforce the newly learned skills and values and also helps the players to be even more successful during their game. Kids are able to start their game feeling confident and prepared because they are equipped with skills and knowledge from their pre-game practice.

Many parents and players lead busy lives with hectic schedules.  Having
practice and the game scheduled on the same day prevents families from feeling overburdened with too many practices and games during the week.  The concept of practice and play in the same day is especially beneficial for kids who can get “burned out” by too many days spent practicing and playing, or for kids who want to try multiple sports. Having practice on the same day as the game gives players something to look forward to each week and helps kids maintain a high level of enthusiasm for their chosen team sport.

These are just a few of the many benefits of practice and play
in the same day.  i9 Sports is dedicated to creating an environment for kids and parents that is fun and positive while also providing kids with the opportunity to learn and grow. Practice and play in the same day keeps things convenient for families while also allowing players to build strong bonds with their teammates and bring the momentum they’ve built up during practice straight into the game. Click here to find youth sports leagues in your area!

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