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June 13, 2018
World Cup Activities for Kids
This summer one of the world’s largest sporting events will be taking place in Russia. The World Cup is a soccer tournament that is held every 4 years in a different country and features the top 32 national teams from around the globe. With so many different countries coming together in one place, the World Cup is the perfect opportunity to teach your child about world geography and other cultures. Here are three simple, fun and educational activities you can do at home with your child.

Learn About a Country
Have your child select one country from the list of national teams participating in the World Cup (this is now on our worksheet we don’t need to link it) and help them research their country using the provided worksheet as a guide. If you have more than one child, have them each pick a different country and then take turns teaching each other what they’ve learned. Most importantly, have fun cheering on that country’s team and following their progress throughout the World Cup! You can view news and schedule information here.
Download the Worksheet Here

Practice Being a Sports Writer
Older kids may have fun watching games during the World Cup and writing about them, as if they were a sports reporter! Our Junior Sports Reporter worksheet has all of the questions they should focus on while watching the game to create a compelling article.
Download the Worksheet Here

Eat Around the World
A delicious way to learn about other cultures is by enjoying their local cuisines. Have your child pick 3 countries that are participating in the World Cup and then select one recipe that is unique to each country.  Your child can help with things like measuring and mixing ingredients, while you handle the chopping and cooking.  Your child can also design tiny flags and attach them to toothpicks as a fun way to decorate each dish. Gather your tasty treats and get the family together to sit down and enjoy watching a World Cup game.
Download the Worksheet Here

Using your kid’s enthusiasm for sports and the World Cup is a great way to make learning fun! You can use the activities outlined above or harness your creativity and come up with your own educational ways to embrace the multiculturalism of the World Cup.
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