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November 09, 2018
From i9 Sports Athlete to Site Manager

At i9 Sports, we believe the lessons learned and experiences gained from playing in our programs help kids not just become better athletes, but also better people.
A real-life example of that is Logan Smith, a site manager and volunteer coach for i9 Sports in Argyle, Texas who is taking the lessons he learned playing for i9 Sports as a kid and using them to help influence the next generation of i9 Sports athletes.
Logan, a 22-year old senior at the University of North Texas, has been working for i9 Sports for the past three years. “I’m mainly a site manager but I’m also coaching two teams right now. I’ve coached flag football, baseball, soccer and basketball,” says Logan. “I’m the utility guy.”
Logan’s experience as an i9 Sports athlete initially attracted him to the site manager position. He played flag football as a 5th-grader at i9 Sports in Frisco.
“It was a really fun atmosphere. You didn’t have parents yelling at players and I had a coach who wanted to help me grow and learn,” said Logan. “The coach didn’t force wins on you which was great for someone like me playing for the first time.”
That lesson of healthy competition Logan learned from his flag football experience is what he likes to emphasize most with the players he coaches.
“Of course, everyone wants to win the game but if you’re growing week by week, improving and giving it your all, then you’re still a winner and that’s the biggest thing we can ask for,” said Logan.
Logan says that playing sports really helped him grow as a person and he loves the opportunity to teach those values to young athletes.
“It’s more than just wanting to learn a basic value like listening. It’s showing them how to go and use that value on more than just the field and to apply it at school and with their parents,” said Logan.
One of the best feelings is seeing players use those values they’ve learned. “Parents have come and thanked me and told me how their kids have put into practice the values we taught.”
Whether it’s flag football or basketball or the lesson is about good sportsmanship or healthy competition, Logan says that the most important thing to remember is that youth sports should be fun.
“Parents and coaches can be way too hard on kids and that takes the fun out of the game,” he said. “The focus should be teaching these kids how to have fun and really enjoy themselves.”
No matter what he ends up doing later in life, Logan believes youth sports will always be a part of his life thanks to his i9 Sports experiences. “When I have kids, I’ll definitely be that guy who volunteers to coach. I’ve really enjoyed it!” 

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