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November 29, 2018
Coaching with Confidence
Former college football coach Lou Holtz once said, “Coaching gives one a chance to be successful as well as significant. When you are significant, you continue to help others be successful long after you are gone. Significance lasts many lifetimes.”
Coaching with i9 Sports gives you the chance to make that type of impression on a young athlete. With our core principles of fun, age-appropriate instruction, convenience and good sportsmanship, we can help you create memorable moments and teach important values that will stay with kids for a lifetime.  
Make an Impact
We often hear people say, “I can’t be a coach, I’ve never played that sport.” But we believe coaching is about more than just learning the rules of a game – it’s committing to making a difference in the lives of young athletes.
“There’s not one right way to be a successful coach,” says Alli Wentzell, Manager of Sports Programming and Education. “It’s about finding what works best for you and what works with your players.”
You don’t even need to be a parent to become an i9 Sports coach. Some of our best coaches are just active community members or aunts or uncles or grandparents. “You just need to be a good role model and passionate about helping kids,” says Wentzell.
Coaching youth sports can help you impact kids beyond the field. Positive experiences playing sports can help children develop an active lifestyle that will help them make healthy choices in life.
How i9 Sports Helps Coaches
Whether you’re an experienced coach or if you’ve never blown a whistle in your life, i9 Sports has you covered with plenty of resources to be a knowledgeable coach.
“We provide on-field support on gameday for coaches and support throughout the week to help coaches prepare so they feel confident coaching,” says Wentzell.
At the start of each season, each coach attends a meeting to review the league culture, sport-specific details and to set expectations. On the i9 Sports website, there are practice plans available for coaches that include drills to help develop player skills. A number of the plans include video visual aids to help coaches understand how to run the drill. Each week, coaches receive an age-appropriate lesson with talking points on a particular sportsmanship value to teach their team.
“We always have a local staff member available who knows the ins and outs of the program who can help coaches with questions about drills or certain situations,” says Wentzell.
Plus, you won’t have to worry about doing it by yourself. “We always do our best to ensure that there are two coaches per team or one coach and a team helper so that they have each other to lean on and work together,” says Wentzell.
There is no need to worry about dealing with unruly parents when coaching with i9 Sports. Our parental pledge creates an atmosphere focused on positivity and fun.
“We want parents to be as loud as possible at games, but we want it to be positive,” says Wentzell. “Our parental pledge reminds parents that they are there to cheer and encourage and to let the coaches do their jobs.”
Our focus on healthy competition also removes the pressure to win that is so prevalent in youth sports today. With a player substitution sheet to help you organize equal playing time for each player, you don’t need to worry who to put in at certain parts of the game.
“Kids can get better without fear of losing and there’s less pressure on coaches to win every game,” says Wentzell.
Are you ready to start making a difference in the lives of i9 Sports athletes? Find an i9 Sports league near you and volunteer to become a coach today!

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