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December 14, 2018
8 Sports Gift Ideas for Kids
Instead of just picking up the latest toy or video game for your child, why not encourage their interest in sports this holiday season? We’ve got you covered with a few ideas to make your child smile!
Tickets to a Sporting Event
There’s no better way to bond with your child than supporting their interests. It’s a great opportunity for them to see a sport played at a higher level and have a memorable experience! It doesn’t have to be a professional sporting event for kids to have fun either. You can find college or minor league games with great family ticket pricing. Just search online for upcoming games near you!
Duffle Bag
The more sports your child plays, the more sports gear they’re going to collect. Help them keep it organized with a fun duffle bag. Pick out one in their favorite color, with their favorite team’s logo on it, or have one embroidered with their name on it. They’ll be excited to carry it to the field on gameday each week!
There are a number of positive sports books available that will encourage your kid (and keep them reading!). Several professional athletes have written sports books that can motivate and inspire your child.
Star soccer player and Olympic gold medalist Alex Morgan’s book The Breakaway tells the story of her path to success and how kids can be their best on and off the field.
NBA superstar Stephen Curry’s book The Boy Who Never Gave Up is an illustrated picture book that tells the story of a boy who many people said would never make it in professional basketball.
Former New York Yankee star player Derek Jeter’s book Night at the Stadium brings a stadium to life for a young seven-year-old attending a game at Yankee Stadium.
Kid’s Fitness Tracker
Today’s kids are tech-savvy so why not consider combining cool technology with fitness? The Garmin Vivofit is a great option that will encourage your child to meet a daily fitness goal and help improve their overall wellness.
i9 Sports Gear
The official i9 Sports Store is filled with great gift ideas for your young athlete (with additional gift ideas for yourself). Performance shirts, shorts, hats, bags, spirit ribbons and more!
New Cleats or Shoes
There are few things more exciting for a young athlete than a new pair of kicks. Whether it’s cleats or sneakers, kids love to step on the field or court in a new pair of shoes. They’ll feel revved up and excited to play!
Buy a Ball
Encourage your kids to practice their sport at home and away from the field with a ball of their own. Plus, it gives you the opportunity to play catch with them and use that time to reinforce the lessons they learn on the field! Some options can be found in the official i9 Sports Store.

A Season with i9 Sports
What’s the greatest gift idea? Buying one of the items above with a note that you’ve signed them for a season of i9 Sports! This is a gift that will allow your child to have a blast while also helping them grow on and off the field! You can find a program near you by clicking here.
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