With programs from New York to Hawaii, i9 Sports® offers baseball leagues to get your child started on the diamond as early as age 3. Baseball is an excellent way to help your child develop eye-hand coordination and decision-making skills.

“Our baseball programs offer your children the perfect opportunity to develop an understanding of the game as well as work on the fundamental skills required,” said i9 Sports President and CEO Brian Sanders. “Baseball doesn't have to be a pressure-packed sport. Our approach allows your child to develop confidence and learn the game in a supportive setting while having a great time. After all, fun is what baseball is all about!”

The i9 Sports baseball curriculum is focused on developing the basic fundamentals of baseball - running the bases, catching, throwing and hitting - while also instilling sportsmanship and promoting teamwork. In our youngest age group, kids have the opportunity to hit from the tee to develop appropriate form and eye-hand coordination as they get used to hitting the ball. As players get older, we integrate a “coach-pitch” format to continue building their baseball skills. The i9 Sports baseball program will teach your child the game as well as build self-confidence in a fun environment.

Ready to introduce your child to team sports but you’re not sure which one? i9 Sports T-Ball is the perfect starter sport, even if your little “slugger to be” is a bit timid. Our T-Ball curriculum is specially designed as an introductory program where your child can learn the basics of baseball in a no pressure, fun and supportive environment. If your child is anxious about playing, we encourage you to participate alongside your child until they become more at ease. In this way, your child can experience being part of a team while learning the key skills of batting, catching, throwing and fielding a baseball. Since kids at this age are still developing their eye-hand coordination, they are taught the proper batting technique by hitting a stationary baseball off a tee. Over the course of the season, players learn the flow of the game and gain confidence in their new skills. Having grown comfortable and confident with baseball basics, your child will soon be ready to move into the i9 Sports Coach Pitch program.
Batter-up! The i9 Sports Coach Pitch baseball curriculum is the next step in helping your child become “baseball ready.” At this age, your child is developing much better eye-hand coordination and is ready for a slightly more advanced version of the game - how to hit a thrown baseball. At the beginning of the season, instruction focuses on teaching and reinforcing the basic skills of baseball like the proper way to throw, catch and field a baseball. While proper batting technique is initially taught by hitting a stationary baseball off a tee, it soon progresses to “soft pitching” by the coach. Getting down on one knee about 5 yards away from home plate, the coach acts as the pitcher by gently throwing the ball across the plate. The tee is always available for players who need a little more help in developing their batting skill. In this program, kids can learn how to hit a moving baseball, fine-tune their throwing, catching and fielding skills, and develop a much better understanding of the game as they grow to love America’s favorite pastime!


We provide advanced baseball programs in select areas across the country. To find an i9 Sports baseball program near you, enter your zip code below.